Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bye bye plastic bags

A few months back I was given two big boxes of fabric!
Free, by a friend of a friend. (Thank you so so much Bec!)
Going through each box, and we are talking big boxes, I was in heaven.
Terry toweling, jersey, felt, linen, calico. All things I work with and only a few pieces of tulle got left behind.
Throwing out fabric is a big deal for me, but TULLE?!!
I simply had no idea what to do with it.
Off I went to do my weekly Preston market shop and even on my way home - I was still thinking about the lonely tulle sitting in the bin!
And then I had an idea!
I hate using plastic bags and when you go to the markets or supermarkets here, you always get everything packed into plastic bags.....ugh!
If you don't you get annoyed looks from people working at the cash register trying to keep them all together on their scales! I know - I'm sorry but I really don't need those silly bags!
So when I got home - I pulled the tulle out of the bin (don’t worry it was absolutely fine) and here is what I made!They weigh absolutely nothing and I use them for everything veggies, fruit, lentils, nuts.
I made around 8 of them, different sizes and they always sit in the shopping bags so I won't forget them!

Now I'm happy and the ladies at the counter are happy too. They think it's a great idea!
No more plastic bags for me...thanks.


  1. Fantastic idea! You might start a whole new movement with this!

  2. What a great idea! I've been trying not to get annoyed with all my produce rolling around in the cart, so this is just what I needed!

    Thanks very much for sharing!

  3. I can only repeat what the others have said! Great idea!!! I learned today that those thin plastic bags get recycled in LA county. But still, who needs em! And the tomatoes look kinda cute in their 'veil'....x

  4. Thanks girls!
    Tina- now I see my fruit and veggies all dressed up in veils..haha!