Thursday, June 30, 2011

Vi forældre - Paul & Paula in the press

We are pretty excited to have our bat hoodie featured in the latest edition of Vi forældre - a danish kids and parent magazine.
Mage tak! ( that's about all the danish I know!)
Thanks for making our day!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

...oh hello again!

I've been pretty absent from the web these last three months - and I just can't seem to find time to respond to emails let alone writing a post on here.
I check my emails every day but never get anything out other than work related emails, etsy messages or ending up on stupid facebook! BIG FAIL!
I miss you all so very much... and even if you haven't heard from me in the last 6 months, I'm still kicking around thinking of you all time.

There have been lots of birthdays in our house.....
I turned 30 (.....bloody hell!) at the end of March and senior Iggy celebrated his first birthday on a sunny day in the park in late April!
He is growing up so fast and sometimes I wish I could make it all go just a teeny little bit slower!

We finally got a bike seat for him and after the first month he has given up ripping off his helmet. ( for now!) It's so much easier, quicker and so much more fun than driving in the car!

The label has been really busy and there has not been one day which I didn't end up behind my sewing machine.
Sadly Iggy has decided to skip his morning naps these last few days - which resulted in late night coffees and some crazy hyperactive sewing sessions....haha!
We had some awesome features in May and were so stoked to be part of the latest tiny & little issue. It's such a great magazine and if you haven't had a look/read through it yet - make sure you will!
Oh and here is a little post about Paul&Paula on my pals Cinti's blog MyPoppet from the other week. Check out her hot water bottle covers - they are amazing and exactly what you need on these chilly nights here in Melbourne.

A rare Sunday off for the three of us meant a hike into town to eat some yummy Taco's from the Taco Truck (their potato taco is amaaaazing!) and browsing through the stalls at Markit!

All in all - I've been pretty damn busy - in a good way!
Hope it won't be too long to my next post. I've got lots of new styles to share with you - just need to find time  and a willing model to make some pics!

Oh and if you are in the area around Richmond Church/Chapel Street .....make sure to stop by and check out the absolute beautiful pop up store from the girls at Mrs Dalloway tomorrow!