Monday, October 25, 2010

Austria - the land of cheese and cake!

Trying to plan a weekend away with your friends at home seems sometimes impossible - that's why I still can't believe this really all happened. Imagine the prettiest austrian mountain village- a sapphire blue lake - sunshine -  and some of your dearest friends from Australia, Germany LA and THREE! new little people hanging out with us! Seriously life can't get much better than that!!! After climbing a mountain - eating tons of cheese, cake and spaetzle - lots of fresh air - austrian beer and enjoying each others company we had to move on! Thanks everyone for coming. I had an ace time!!
Tannheimer Tal 
I'm back at my parents now and woke up to snow the other night. I'm talking proper snow- thick heavy snowflakes - it really felt like Christmas after three years of summer in Melbourne. Strangely it seemed that I was the only one getting excited about it ?!? Everyone else here is still traumatized from last years' long long winter.
As we are not really prepared for 0 degrees Iggy has been stuffed away in our old sheep skin sleeping bag from a wooden sledge. Haha - Classic! He loves it ! Still fighting a nasty cough - but he is though little man!
So - will go and eat some more cake now- and probably roll back to Australia.
Hope you are all enjoying the lovely spring days back home.