Friday, February 25, 2011

summer - holidays - and doing absolutely nothing!

Taking time off and getting away from it all doesn't usual happen that often in our house!
Running a shop means working on weekends (which is totally fine) but yeah that leisure time is rare! Even on our days off we are normally always doing something which in someway has something to do with the shop!
So after a quick overhaul and some renovation in the back area of the shop ( pics will follow soon) it was time for a little summer holiday!

We are lucky enough that there is a beach house in the family for everyone to share. Packing the car for a holiday is quite a mission these days - once you add a baby, a dog, a pram, surfboards, wetsuit and all other things you probably don't need -there wasn't much room for me on the passenger seat! (our dog ended up with the most room out of all of us!)
Well- what can I say - we had four amazing days with lots of sunshine, early morning swims, surfing, catching up with friends and simply watching and enjoying Iggy.
I love this side of the coast. Andy and I always fantasize about living in Ocean Grove (if it would only be a tick closer to Melbourne).
If you ever find yourself down there on a Sunday be sure to check out the craft markets around the Bellarine Peninsula. We visited the Point Lonsdale market which is held every second Sunday of the month from 9am to 2pm at the Pt. Lonsdale Primary school. It's such a great little market and we ended up with quite a few purchases like these fantastic little wooden toys all handmade by a lovely elderly couple ( if I had only asked for their card!)
little blue bus
apple stacking toy

As with every holiday, it's over way too fast and life gets busy again!
Iggy has started childcare one day a week (he is growing up way too fast!) and I have a whole day working on orders and new styles.
While searching the net for some fabrics the other day I stumbled across this wonderful website. Uponafold is a shop from Sydney, where you will find an amazing collection of paper artistry from around the world. I'm a bit obsessed with paper goods and after receiving my order today I can tell you I won't be going to bed anytime soon tonight. Check it out here!

There is also some very exciting news in the pipeline and once it's all final I will tell you all about it!
Until then - have a great weekend!

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