Thursday, July 15, 2010

rainy Wednesday afternoon

It's one of those dark and wet days out there, Yella is bored as bored - snoozing on her mat- and I'm finally getting some sewing done. Only 4 weeks left to the market and I promised myself it won't get as crazy as usual! I received a wonderful box of fabric this morning from South Korea, and I cant wait to get into it. Planned are lots of stripey kids tops, a linen bag for our bread and some denim pants for the little men.Tallking about bread - I'm experimenting with my sourdough starter at the moment and are crossing my fingers that we will be able to make our own bread sometime soon. If you got nothing else to do ( haha!) here is the recipe. The amount of bread we eat in this household is quite ridiculous, doesn't help that my german self eats half a loaf each day on my own.

With all this rain our garden is going bonkers and stuff just grows and grows. Anyone interested in some lemons...?


  1. love love stripes! please post pictures...
    and the bread, well...I guess we are in the same boat...
    Hope it works out!
    Love from Amsterdam...

  2. Oh boy, I am with you on the bread consumption, thanks for the sourdough links!